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Our Boats
Active fleets at our club are described below. 
For more information, email the Fleet Captain or
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The EC12 is a one-design yacht based on a testing model used during an America's Cup campaign in the 1950's. It is the second most popular class in the USA.  The boat is 59" in length, a mast standing 72" above the deck supporting 1300 square inches of sail area, and weighing in at 24 pounds. 

Fleet Captain - John Goldsworthy (email)

For more information about the class click here

DragonFlite 95 (DF95)

The DragonFlight 95 is a modern, fast and exciting yacht designed to be a convenient size, on and off the water, able to be transported fully rigged. It is the fastest growing class in our club and the USA, with many opportunities for regional competition.  It's light, long, narrow hull provides excellent all round performance. Multiple rigs and careful sail plan help ensure balanced performance in a large range of wind conditions.  A tightly controlled restricted class keeps running costs low and provides close, exciting racing.  The boat is 37" long with a mast height of 42" and weighs 4.4 pounds. Inexpensive partly assembled high quality kits contain all parts needed, and are quick and easy to finish yourself or have someone assemble for you. 

Fleet Captain - Bruce Farr (email)

For more information about the class click here.

DragonForce 65 (DF65)

The DragonForce 65, (DF65) is a great entrée RC sailboat.  It’s about 26” long and very portable in car or cart. It comes with everything you need to race with the TVMYS sailors. DF65 racing is organized but casual and friendly. While serious regatta sailors will need to add additional rigs and sails, there’s good competition in The Villages with the standard rig. Only partial assembly is required as the completed hull with electronics is included along with the radio transmitter and receiver.  There’s plenty of help available for anyone who would like a hand.  Come see the 65s sailing on Tuesday afternoons and sail one for yourself at our pond. We sail from around noon till 2:30.

Fleet Captain - Tony Lawrence ( cell phone - 313-410-6668)

For more information about the boat click here.

Micro Magic

The Micro Magic is smallest of our boats at 21" long.  The mast is 29" high and the boat weighs 2 pounds making it a convenient and easy boat to transport.  The kit is currently available from

Fleet Captain - John Rowley (email)

For more info on the The Villages MM Club click here

To access the MM USA site click here

MM pic.JPG
Soling 1M
This boat is a scale model of the Olympic Class racing sloop.  It is the most popular RC sailboat class in the USA.
Fleet Captain - Dan Pearce
For more information about the boat click here.

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