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Our Boats
Active fleets at our club are described below. 
For more information, email the Fleet Captain or
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The EC12 is a one-design yacht based on a testing model used during an America's Cup campaign in the 1950's. It is one of the most popular classes in the USA.  The boat is 59" in length, a mast standing 72" above the deck supporting 1300 square inches of sail area and weighs in at 24 pounds. 

Fleet Captain - John Goldsworthy (email)

For more information about the class click here

DragonFlite 95 (DF95)

The DF95 is a fast, exciting moderate sized rc sailing boat.  It's easy to manage on and off the water and easy to transport fully rigged.  It is 37” long, with a mast height of 42”, overall height of 58” and weighs only 4.4 pounds.  The DF95 is the fastest growing (and now largest) class in the USA and biggest fleet at our club.  There are many opportunities for regional and national competition with excellent sailors.  Racing is friendly, close and competitive.  An inexpensive and well detailed kit comes mostly assembled and includes everything needed to go sailing - just add batteries. This is a tightly controlled and restricted one-design class, so maintenance costs are low. Additional rig sizes and sail kits are readily available but seldom necessary on our pond. At our club we have casual racing on Sunday morning, with more formal racing on Wednesday.  Occasionally we schedule more serious club regatta days. Stop by and try one out!

Fleet Captain - Bruce Farr (email)

For more information about the class click here.

DF95 - 4.jpg
DragonForce 65 (DF65)

The smaller brother to the DF95, the DragonForce 65 is an extraordinary bargain and a great entry level high performance rc sailing boat. It can also be raced at highly competitive regional and national events. The DF65 is 26” long, less than 3 pounds and easily fits fully rigged in a car with fold down rear seats.  It is a restricted one-design class and comes in a partially assembled kit with everything needed other than batteries.  The boat comes with the standard A rig, although we also allow the larger A+ rig in our club racing, which is popular in the Florida racing circuit.  This is about the easiest way to get into high quality RC sailing, at a very low cost.  We race Wednesday afternoon, after the DF 95 morning racing.  Many of our members race both DF95 and DF65 so this gives us a full day of racing.  Also popular is a Florida Travelers Trophy series, a seven event series around Florida clubs racing DF65 on Saturday and DF95 on Sunday.

Fleet Captain - Bruce Farr (email)

For more information about the boat click here.

DF65 - 1.jpg
International One Metre (IOM)

The IOM class was created in 1988 and it has become the largest, most popular, and arguably most competitive of all rc sailing classes in the world. The IOM is 1 meter long (about 40 inches) with a mast height of 1.7 meters (67 inches).  The minimum weight of the IOM is 4 kg (8.8 pounds).  Class rules specify three one-design rigs with the hull and foils controlled by "box rule" - a simple concept that a boat's hull and sails must fit inside the measurements of a box. This format encourages evolution and allows creative skippers continue to test new ideas. Construction materials are very limited but there is sufficient freedom to allow for different hull, fin and rudder shapes to be developed. This is not the best option for the beginner but for the novice looking for a challenge, this boat can be very interesting. The IOM has been rapidly growing in popularity in Florida and is the newest addition to the variety of rc sailboats we sail and race at our club.

Fleet Captain - John Mowry (email)

To access the IOM USA site click here

IOM - Mowry 2.png

Soling 1M
The Soling has been a favorite among RC clubs across the country for years and for good reason. It’s not too heavy, it’s not too large and it’s not too expensive. The Soling 1M class philosophy is to provide a low-cost one design rc model suitable for introducing newcomers to the hobby, while offering enough performance to keep long time rc sailors interested. The Soling is 39 inches long, 60 inches from bottom of keel to tip of mast and weighs 10 pounds.  The boat can be easily transported in most vehicles fully rigged. This boat has single panel sails and the class permits only one size of sail rig. The keel is designed to avoid weed collection. The boat performs well in most wind conditions and learning to sail a Soling 1M is not difficult. In recent years new kits have become available that simplify the build and strengthen the hull.
Fleet Captain - Dan Pearce (email)
For more information about the boat click

Radio Controlled Laser
The RC Laser is a quarter-scale model of the renowned Laser dinghy. It comes fully assembled, including radio, and has three sail sizes for versatile enjoyment. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a beginner, the RC Laser offers a delightful experience on the water. Its design captures the essence of the original Laser, making it a favorite among radio-controlled sailing enthusiasts. With its precision handling and attention to detail, the RC Laser brings the joy of sailing to a smaller scale, allowing you to navigate ponds, lakes, and even swimming pools with ease. Whether you’re racing against other RC sailors or simply enjoying a leisurely sail, the RC Laser combines craftsmanship, technology, and the thrill of the wind in your sails.
Fleet Captain - John Santoro (email)
For more information about the boat click here.

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