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The Villages Model Yacht Squadron Bylaws


Approved at the Annual Meeting January 26, 2024

Updated Dec 20, 2023


TVMYS operates under the constitution and Bylaws of the national organization known as the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA) except when superseded by the following Articles.


Article I - The name of the organization is The Villages Model Yacht Squadron (TVMYS) and is sanctioned as Club #220 by the AMYA.


Article II - The purpose of the organization is to qualify as a Lifestyle Club in The Villages, Florida and to be granted pond or lake use of The Villages water amenities. Our use of water facilities is to sail model, radio-controlled (rc) sailboats and our purpose is to be an entity through which like-minded folks can gather and sail rc boats together. Members shall strive to stimulate and encourage rc sailing and to cooperate with other like organizations that promote sailing activities.


Article III - Our goal/mission is to promote rc sailing, improve our sailing knowledge, practice our sailing skills, enjoy group camaraderie and to have fun. Our interests include furthering the objectives and purposes of the organization. TVMYS is an equal opportunity organization.


Article IV - Our location is beneath the large Live Oak tree just south of the Ashland postal pickup facility where the address is 755 Lynnhaven Lane. Specific mailings should be sent to the home address on the TVMYS Website.


Article V - Membership is without discrimination of any kind or description. We seek members who have interest in rc sailing activity regardless of background or experience. It is a Villages rule that members must be full or part time Villages residents or own property in The Villages.


Article VI – Members are required to pay annual dues. Currently the dues are $12.00. Dues are payable on January 1 of each year. New members affiliating after August 1, shall pay $8.00 to cover the balance of the year. Members shall comply with all lifestyle club documentation, including liability waivers, as required by The Villages Recreation Dept. The annual dues may be adjusted at the discretion of the Board of Directors (BOD).

Guests are encouraged to sail with club members, at the discretion of Fleet Captains.  After no more than four guest sessions, payment of dues will be expected for further participation at the club, unless otherwise directed by the Commodore.


Article VII – Termination: The BOD shall have, following appropriate notice and due process,  the authority to terminate the membership of a member who, at the discretion of the BOD, has conducted themselves in a manner contrary to the best interest of TVMYS and its membership.


Article VIII – Meetings: An Annual Meeting of the club shall be called by the Commodore and held in January or February of each year. Prior notice of such meeting shall be posted or conveyed to members at least 14 days prior to the scheduled date. The Commodore may call a Special Meeting as needed, with due notice. The agenda of the Annual Meeting or Special Meeting may include either by election or common consent, the naming of member(s) to serve on the BOD.


Article IX – BOD members shall serve a two-year term unless otherwise established by a 2/3 majority of members present at an Annual Meeting or Special Meeting. The Directors shall choose among themselves who shall be the officers of the club. Officers may include a Commodore, a Vice-Commodore, a Secretary and Treasurer. The club’s current Past Commodore may also be considered an officer in the club at the discretion of the elected directors, and may also serve on the BOD.


Article X – Duties: The Commodore shall be the leader of the club and shall preside at all meetings. The Commodore shall provide an agenda for all meetings.  The Commodore shall prescribe the duties of other officers and members who may be appointed to serve on ad hoc committees which may be incorporated at his/her discretion. A Regatta Committee shall be a Standing Committee. The Commodore shall also be the club’s representative in all matters with The Villages, Ashland Pond and for all other sail related events. The Commodore shall appoint Fleet Captains who will be responsible to promote camaraderie, enjoyment and sailing in the Corinthian Spirit among skippers within their respective fleets.

               The Commodore will also promote the racing rules of sailing and their education. This promotion may take various forms as determined by the Commodore. The Commodore shall also act as the liaison between The Villages and TVMYS with regard to pond use permits required by The Villages. He/she shall be responsible for the annual renewal of the Squadron’s pond use permits.

               The Vice-Commodore shall carry out the duties of the Commodore in his/her absence. He/she shall also carry out other duties as from time to time delegated by the Commodore.

               The Secretary shall keep a record of the club’s business and carry out other duties as assigned by the Commodore.

               The Treasurer shall keep all financial records. The Treasurer shall also be responsible for all club income and disbursements and to provide a year end report of same at the club’s Annual Meeting. He/she shall be responsible for filing all required tax reports on a timely basis. Further, the Treasurer shall carry out other duties as assigned by the Commodore such as accounting for the collection of dues. 

               The BOD is responsible to operate in a manner that promotes the long-term survival and prosperity of the club financially as well as in terms of membership growth. The Directors will help recruit new members and work to assure the clubs continued vitality and its preservation.


Article XI – Website: TVMYS may maintain a website in the world wide web. This should be an informative site designed to provide club information to both members and prospective members. It should also promote public interest in club activities and set forth a schedule of fleet activities. The website administrator is a position appointed by the Commodore.


Article XII – The Bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of the membership present at the Annual Meeting or Special Meeting.

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